Home Inspection Process

How it works:

When your Offer to Purchase has been accepted, including the inspection contingency, radon contingency, etc., you call us to schedule your inspection. (You may want to contact us prior to writing your offer to better establish deadlines for any contingencies.)

A mutually acceptable time will be set for the inspection. The time needed for an inspection is dependent on the size and complexity of the home or property. Most homes require approximately three hours.

The inspection report is normally provided the next business day following the inspection. We’ve also made a sample home inspection report available that you may review.

About the report…

reliable-home-inspectionWe understand the home buying experience can be stressful. Our goal is to work with you to identify any “surprises” that may not have come to light during your walk-through. The information you come away from the inspection with will help you feel more secure about your purchase.

Our narrative reports are more than an itemized checklist. They are an unbiased, professional opinion of the obvious and not so obvious condition, problems, potential problems, and possible financial realities of the property. We offer “life expectancy” estimates for components such as water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, etc., whenever possible. We are sure you’ll agree that the information we provide you with will enable you to make a more informed, educated home buying decision.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to home or investment property inspections. Over 35,000 home inspections and 2,000 commercial property inspections over the past 35 years… experience you can trust. Put Baumgardt’s experience to work for you.

Please call (262) 782-1230 today. We’ll be happy to answer all your home inspection questions.