Home Buyers

You are about to make the largest purchase you’ve ever made. This purchase is an investment with huge financial implications. More importantly, it’s an investment involving the safety and security of you and your family.

You may find yourself wondering whether a home inspection is important. You should consider that the cost of the inspection is a mere fraction of the financial investment you are about to make and, after all, the safety and security of you and your family is beyond financial measure.

Can you find the problems?


  1. Window is nailed shut.  It’s dangerous to nail windows shut because doing so may prevent rapid escape in the event of a fire or other emergency. At least one window per bedroom should always be easily openable.
  2. Window is out of square.  Aside from being difficult to operate, an out-of-square window might be a clue to a more serious structural problem.
  3. The outlet is improperly wired. An outlet that is improperly wired is unsafe. This defect can cause damage to electronics and could be the source of a fire or even an electrocution.
  4. Floor has a soft springy area.   A soft, springy area in a floor may be the result of a construction error such as undersized framing. It also may indicate defective or damaged framing.

Our home inspectors find the problems

As Wisconsin’s oldest pre-purchase home inspection company, we’ve completed over 35,000 home inspections over the past 35 years. We’ll provide you with a thorough, fair and unbiased inspection you can trust, because your investment is more than just financial.

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